Silicon Collection


A collection that looks into the future of personal computing and features 46 mockups of fictional devices. All devices were commissioned to Tame Labs and physically built for the photoshoot. Speculative, technical, and hyperreal. From €250

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Voice Computer

The rise of voice interfaces and chat-based software prompted us to imagined a device that functions as a desk assistant. The floating display, speaker body, and touchboard set the stage for different ways to interact with content and various input modes.

Screen size — based on iPad Pro 11"


As foldable devices start making their way into our lives, we looked into what an ideal hybrid format could look like. Inspired by paper, this device features an ePaper display that will add warmth and tactility to your designs.

Axis Display

The Axis Display design features two perpendicular profiles that allow the user to adjust the height and distance of the screen. This fictional device allows you to showcase your design in a clean and sober canvas.

Screen size — 16:9

Pocket Stack

The design of handheld devices once trended toward thinness and lightness. We envisioned a new type of portable device that acts as the processing hub for all your interactions—a true mobile computer. Its golden-ratio screen is ideal to showcase website designs or moody identities.

Screen size — 1600x2580 px

Wall Interface

A circular display (option for a borderless design) that can act as an IoT device, a futuristic interface, or any other functions that its design can inspire.

Screen size — 2000x2000 px

Neural Phone

The Neural Phone features a futuristic anodized heatsink back and an ePaper screen. Most mockups provide an alternative device color asides from its signature international orange hue.

Screen size — 1200x2320 px

Digital Slides

These transparent screens are a retake on analogue projection slides. You can use them to showcase a logo, a mood image, or to add a futurist touch to a presentation. All scenes feature editable scene color.

Screen sizes — various

Retail Interface

This countertop display can be used as a retail POS (point of sale) or any hospitality-related interface. Its ePaper display adds warmth and futurism to the designs it showcases.

Screen size — iPad Pro 11"

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